2022 Conference Themes

You can submit a research, policy or case study abstract, panel session, workshop, or special event for any of this year´s conference themes.

Urban Natural Environments & Ecosystem: Contributions related to how we can better understand the potential for nature to promote health in cities, leverage natural-based solutions to improve health, protect biodiversity, contribute to sustainability and mitigate climate impacts

    • Nature-based solutions
    • Biodiversity and impacts on health
    • Biomimicry for health
    • Planetary Health/One Health
    • Climate Change and health
    • Climate action planning and solutions for healthier people and planet
    • Environmental education and health

Urban Health Pathways: Contributions to discovery science, generating evidence that sheds light on the drivers of urban health that are still emerging, urban health research agenda and research to fill urban health evidence gaps to advance knowledge and future practice

    • Urban health epidemiology
    • Mental health in cities
    • Social determinants of health in urban environments
    • Infectious diseases in cities
    • NCDs and urbanization
    • Health care delivery in cities
    • Urban Exposome

Transforming Urban Environments for Health: Contributions that turn evidence into practice and action through implementation science, policy and governance strategies, interventions, and the multidisciplinary innovations, partnerships and networks needed to achieve urban health goals

    • Public health interventions in urban environments
    • Translating urban health knowledge into practice, action and impact
    • Urban policies and governance to promote health
    • Urban health innovation, networks and partnerships
    • Placemaking for health
    • Planning built environments for health
    • Designing green, public and open spaces to promote health
    • Developing sustainable and healthy transportation systems
    • Building health supporting social environments in cities
    • Transforming neighborhoods into health supporting communities
    • Rural-urban connections, territorial planning
    • Advancing multidisciplinary and intersectoral approaches for urban health
    • Incorporating health into emergency preparedness and management
    • Affordable housing and rehabilitation
    • Cross-disciplinary cooperation (and tools)

Making it Happen: Mechanisms for supporting health and wellbeing in urban environments – Contributions describing supporting mechanisms, methods, tools and processes

    • Urban data to improve health
    • Training and curriculum development to advance transdisciplinary urban health practice
    • Tools for measuring and monitoring urban health impacts
    • Citizen Science
    • Health Impact Assessments (HIAs)
    • Systems approaches for urban health

Building Equitable Cities for All: Contributions to reaching and empowering vulnerable and excluded populations, addressing health disparities, informality, environmental and health justice to ensure equitable urban health environments for all residents

    • Health across the lifecourse
    • Outbreaks, emergencies, conflict and migration
    • Reaching vulnerable populations
    • Populations living in informal settlements
    • Environmental, health and social justice
    • Engaging youth
    • Engaging older people
    • Achieving citywide health and spatial equity
    • Building social cohesion for improved health and wellbeing
    • Building a sustainable and healthy recovery

Evidence and Practice from Valencia and Spain (submissions accepted in English, Spanish and Valencian): local contributions on the above topics or new topics particularly relevant to local contexts and challenges

    • Case studies from Valencia/Spain
    • Research studies in Urban Health
    • Local projects
    • Policy examples
    • Sustainable curriculum and SDGs in higher education
    • Environmental education and sustainability


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