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Title Author 1 Author 2 Author 3
Multiple perspectives on the meaning and effects of Resiliency Andrew Kim Soomin Kim Stephen Buckman
Co-designing an urban immunisation service delivery model to improve data quality to meet the changing demands of urban dwellers. Experiences from Kampala city, Uganda Eric Ssegujja Martha Akulume Sarah Zalwango
One-year findings from the Children’s Health in London and Luton study: A natural experimental study of the effects of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone on children’s travel to school Christina Xiao James Scales Iva Tsocheva, et al.
Evaluating the impact of Southwark’s Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) after one year: A natural experimental evaluation Christina Xiao Nikita Sinclairs Lucy Saunders, et al.
New Urban Ecosystems from a One Health Perspective: Future Challenges Jaione Ortiz de Zarate Aline Chiabai Estibaliz Sanz
US City Approaches to Equity in COVID-19 Testing and Vaccinations Jennifer Kolker Vaishnavi Vaidya Allison Gibson
Longitudinal Patterns of Childhood Adverse Experiences from Early Childhood to Adolescence: Identifying Changes and Implications for Intervention Radhika Raghunathan Sara Johnson Kristin Voegtline, et al.
«We care about clean air»: harnessing school-age citizen scientists to identify patterns of exposure to pollution and co-producing opportunities for change Tiffany Yang Ishfaq Vaja Mònica Ubalde, et al.
Urban mobility and well-being in the historic center of Puebla city in Mexico Julia Judith Mundo-Hernández Moises Barrera Sánchez Gloria Carola Santiago Azpiazu, et al.
Can a compact city be also sustainable? A Case Study of High-Density Asia City Hong Kong Tung Ho CHAN Tzu-Yuan Chao  
Health impacts of cycling in urban environments: An Urban Living Lab approach Rok Novak David Kocman Davor Kontić, et al.
What is the economic impact of obesity in Brazil? Eduardo Abbade Dalciomar Borba Thaís Pinheiro
Dhaka City Water logging Hazards: Area Identification and Vulnerability Assessment through GIS-Remote Sensing Techniques Zahidul Quayyum Rafiul Alam Simon Moulds, et al.
Forum asociaciones SALUDEM-NOS Amparo Ródenas Marco (presenting) Andrea Ariza Hernández Mireia López Nicolás, et al.
Socio-economic factors influencing the accessibility to affordable, quality, and secured housing in Dhaka city, Bangladesh Zahidul Quayyum Riaz Hossain Khan Sabrina Mustabin Jaigirdar, et al.
Critical factors affecting public awareness on the development of low-carbon cities in China Yan Wu Eva Pilot Pim Martens, et al.
Urban-rural differentials in the burden of anemia: Evidence from NFHS in India Surabhi Puri Kapil Yadav Kashish Vohra, et al.
Towards evidence-based design principles for health-promoting, green urban environments Hanneke Kruize Rien van Stigt  
Parents’ perception about the environment and time in outdoors physical activity of low-income preschool children Maria Paula Santos Cleene Tavares de Souza Anastácio Neco, et al.
COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness in New York City Mass Transit Robyn Gershon Alexis Merdjanoff Gabriella Metzler, et al.
Situated risk: A systems perspective on housing vulnerability, the lived experiences of low-income older adults, and openings for structural change to achieve equitable aging in place Michelle Wyndham-West    
Peripheral transport trips, urban environments and disease relationships in São Paulo, Brazil Pedro Perez-Martinez Helena Ribeiro Patrick Connerton, et al.
The effect of a cable car and associated park renovation on physical activity: a natural experiment in Bogotá, Colombia Laura Baldovino-Chiquillo Olga L. Sarmiento Gary O’Donovan, et al.
The change of Quality of Life in the rapidly developing industrial city:A case study of Tainan City, Taiwan Cheng-En Chao Tzu-Yuan Chao  
Struggle for livelihood during COVID-19 Pandemic in India: A qualitative study of unorganised sector workers in Mumbai Metropolitan Region Dhananjay Bansod Prakash Fulpagare Suresh Jungari
Territorial approach to measuring environmental and social health inequalities: spatialized composite indexes in environmental health Laakri Bouhadj    
A youth-led longitudinal study of youth transitioning out of child welfare services Katie Horton Annie Smith  
Prioritising health care services for vulnerable older people through Geriatric Units in secondary hospitals of Pune City in India Benazir Patil Kalpana Baliwant Anuprita Dixit, et al.
Land value dynamics in urban proximity Manuel Benito Moreno Felipe Horta Laura Martín de Aguilera, et al.
Tell me where you live and I’ll tell you how you grow: role of area vulnerability on children’s malnutrition in Medellin, Colombia Hugo Alejandro Santa Ramírez    
IPEN Adolescent study in Valencia, Spain: main findings and future directions Ana Queralt Ana Queralt Elena Santainés-Borredá, et al.
Kaya Kalp: A multi-sector, citizen-led, data-driven initiative to reduce inequities in Indore, India Alsa Bakhtawar Alsa Bakhtawar Neeraj Mishra, et al.
The Public-Private gap: An in-depth study of the factors that explain the dynamics of Caesarean section in Urban India, 2005-2021 Pijush Kanti khan Kajori Banerjee  
Repensando los modelos de sostenibilidad urbana en un contexto universitario Isabel Pla Julián Ferran Moncho Gonzálbez Javier Moncho Fresneda


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